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The Old Library is a place full of history...

The Old Library was established in 1892 as a suburban residence of the chocolate producer Oswald Püschel. Originally, it was a villa with a beautiful garden, including a representative part next to the building, as well as a fruit garden.

In the 1930s, the property became the ownership of the Evangelical Church. It served as the headquarters for the deaconess order of Bethany, and at that time, there were also school rooms alongside the residential area. Before the war, a music school, church archives, and a lending library were also operating there.

After the war, it was converted into a library for the Medical University. It is precisely this function that is most associated with this building in Wrocław. Many students spent hours here studying for exams in the main reading room, which is now used for meetings and conferences. The building evokes a lot of positive emotions, and many doctors and pharmacists return here to reminisce about their youth. In tribute to the role this building played for many years, we named it the Old Library.

Currently, in this over a century-old beautiful villa, a small guesthouse with fifteen rooms has been planned, combining commercial and social aspects by fulfilling tasks and providing educational and scientific services. It will serve as a place for practical training for students from the vocational school for youth with disabilities run by the Evangelicals.

The property features 15 rooms, all designed in a peaceful shade of bottle green. Guests of the Library have access to convenient parking spaces. In the restaurant, we host family gatherings, weddings, conferences, and banquets. The restaurant is open every day except for Mondays.

You are warmly welcome!


Our Internet network is available throughout the facility, which guests can use for overnight stays or meetings organized with us.


We invite all our guests staying overnight in the Old Library to enjoy our delicious breakfasts. The breakfast buffet includes hot dishes: sausages and scrambled eggs, for children we have pancakes and waffles and other sweets, we have delicious humus, cottage cheese and salads. Additionally, delicious coffee and a selection of flavored teas.


The garden is at your disposal all year round, and in different seasons we can see its different versions. In the summer you can use our sun loungers and simply relax.

24-hour reception

Our reception is at your disposal 24 hours a day. We will help you order a taxi, explain how to get to the selected place or we will just be happy to talk about Wrocław, because we really like our city and its attractions.

Atrakcje w pobliżu

W pobliżu Starej Biblioteki mamy Halę Stulecia, Zoo, Pawilony Czterech Kopuł, rejsy statkiem, sporty wodne, Polinkę, Hydropolis i pyszne lody.


You can reach the Old Library by tram with any tram that goes to the Centennial Hall and the Zoo.


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