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At the Old Library, we offer a complete conference facility, including accommodations, conference rooms, and a full catering service. We have two conference rooms available for your use.

The main conference room is located on our central floor, right by the reception area and near the restaurant. This room is equipped with a projector and sound system. It is a versatile space used for various functions, including family gatherings and weddings. The room is very bright and spacious, historically serving as the main reading room of the Medical University Library. It has an area of 80m2 and can accommodate a maximum of 70 people in a theater-style setup, 50 people in a horseshoe setup, and 65 people in a setup with long tables.

The second conference room is located in the basement and is designed for smaller workshops. It has an area of 50m2 and is equipped with a projector and sound system. This room is separate from the other conference areas and the restaurant, providing privacy for meetings and a quiet working environment.

Both rooms are suitable for conference meetings and family gatherings alike


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